Will my order be delivered fresh or frozen?

Your order will be dispatched on a next day delivery service at below -18°C and packed with dry ice which is proven to keep your products frozen solid for up to 48 hours. So there’s no need to worry about it defrosting.

Are any of your products gluten free?

Some of our products are gluten free but our factory still produces products that contain gluten. We’re currently working towards a complete range of food which is allergen free.

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Are any of your meats halal certified?

Yes, all of our Ostrich Meat and Goat Meat is halal certified.

Email us if you’d like a copy of the halal certification.

How long do I have to use your products?

All of our products are professionally skin-packed or vacuum packed then shock frozen to lock in nutrients, flavour & freshness. Each of your products will display the production date, frozen on date and the best before date which is usually 18-24 months after the production date.