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Exotic Meats

Exotic Meats

Lean, packed with Protein and low in fat. Our Exotic Meats can offer you a huge range of alternatives to Chicken & Beef.

  • Alpaca Meat is very tender and also High in Protein! Low in fat and cholesterol!

  • 40% More Protein than Beef! Lean Meat packed with Antioxidants. Buy Now!

  • Italian Buffalo, less fat than beef with more flavour! Valuable source of Omega 3.

  • "Approved by Australian Heart Foundation.Tender red meat. 29.2g of Protein per 100g! "

  • One of the Worlds Finest Meats. Much like Chicken & Pork. Low in Fat, High in Protein!

  • Elk is a Very Tender meat, Lean and Protein Rich. Delicious When Cooked Rare.

  • Less Fat than Chicken, More Protein Than Beef! Great Curried or Slow Cooked.

  • Low in Fat. Tender meat with a slightly sweeter Beef Flavour.

  • Approved by the Australian Heart Foundation. Low Fat, Packed with Protein, Iron, Zinc & Omega 3.

  • A Healthier Alternative to Beef or Lamb, Easily Substituted in Your Favourite Meals.

  • The Oldest Living Breed of Sheep. Paleo Friendly. Richly Flavoured & a great Lamb Alternative.

  • High Protein, Low fat & Low cholesterol. Quickly becoming a fitness favourite!

  • Squirrel, Frogs Legs, Python Meat, Snails& More……

  • Herded in the wild. Our High Protein Reindeer meat is sourced from Scandinavia.

  • Ethical Rose Veal. Low Fat & High Protein!

  • Leaner than Traditional Pork, With a Deep Nutty Flavour. Packed with Protein.

  • A Real Taste of the Serengeti, Supremely flavoursome and Low in Fat. Perfect Beef Alternative.