Selection Boxes

Not sure where to start with our adventurous food? Not to worry - we've specially selected a range of mouth-watering Exotic Food boxes to help you in your quest to taste the adventurous side of food!

Our variety of selection boxes are a superb way to try a range of exotic meats you wouldn’t normally try. They’re packed full of the finest natural game meats and seafood the world has to offer! What’s better than filling your freezer full of a selection of healthy exotic meats and seafood to help you plan easy and delicious meals. Don't forget, if you buy one of our selection boxes you save 10%!

RRP: £106.28 Save:25% Price: £79.99
RRP: £31.82 Save:25% Price: £23.88
RRP: £62.38 Save:20% Price: £49.99
RRP: £72.90 Save:25% Price: £54.99
RRP: £130.00 Save:42% Price: £75.99
RRP: £40.36 Save:21% Price: £31.99