Free-from Sausages

After much deliberation and a lot of research we have been hard at work developing a range of free-from sausages that help expand the options available to the growing number of people in the UK that suffer from food intolerances. Food allergies and food intolerances are a growing public health concern causing higher consumer demand of products that are tailored to meet special dietary requirements. The market for free-from foods is rocketing.

The UK has a huge potential consumer base for free-from foods. Although just 1% of the population are thought to have been formally diagnosed with illnesses such as coeliac disease, large numbers of people exist who experience some degree of sensitivity towards some foods. Data from Allergy UK suggests up to 25m people (nearly 40% of the total population) suffer from some food allergy or intolerance.

Further research from our customers shows us that there is demand for a range of meat products that are free-from and safe from an food allergy sufferers point of view but also different in terms of taste, protein and provenance.

Ultimately this range is suitable for anyone, not just food allergy sufferers. The meat and ingredients are all carefully selected to be of the highest standard. This range of free-from sausages are available in selected Iceland stores now.

Before you go... why not take a look at how easy it is to cook our free-from sausages FROM FROZEN.