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A little bit about Alex...

Alex is a personal trainer with over 10 years’ experience, fitness and nutrition expert, fitness model and bikini athlete and that’s the short version!

Alex also writes for magazines, helps people achieve their fitness goals online and by ‘phone, she gives motivational talks, and represents a number of brands including Gaspari and Biondi Couture.

She is passionate about fitness and LOVES working, competing, and modelling in this industry, inspiring people to look, feel and be their best.

Alex started life working in the hospitality industry, learning a lot about food and nutrition; retrained to become a personal trainer (REPS level 3) and ran a workplace health consultancy. She then returned to personal training, working with people who have busy and successful lives – who expect great results, with no time to waste.

Now, she models, writes expert articles, takes part in fitness competitions, represents a number of sports brands, as well as helping people with their health and fitness one-to-one.

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