A little bit about Neil

Neil is a world class expert, coach and speaker in the Health and Fitness Industry with over 28 years experience.

An enthusiastic sportsman from a very young age, Neil participated in BMX biking, surfing and represented his country internationally as a professional swimmer. But things haven’t always been easy for Neil. He was diagnosed with severe dyslexia as a child. Instead of letting this cripple him, Neil recognised that he excelled at physical activity and with hard work and determination he would be incredibly successful.

At 19 years, Neil began weight training. This marked the beginning of his bodybuilding journey and career, and in 2002, he became an IFBB Pro. Neil developed a reputation for bringing a superior and balanced condition to the stage, not just size. To this day, this is a philosophy he instils in his professional athletes and clients. Neil’s professional bodybuilding career was sadly cut short due to a knee injury from his swimming days. To help rehabilitation, Neil started training with higher repetitions and limiting the amount of heavy training he did to allow his joints and connective tissues time to recover. As he did this, not only did the inflammation within the joints significantly decrease but he noticed his muscle development improved as well.

It was from this experience that Neil created the Y3T training system. Today, Y3T has achieved global status and recognition as a proven protocol for hypertrophy, positive body composition changes, and overall performance enhancements. The theory behind Y3T is to help a client target the entire muscle fibre population within their body, making their workouts 3 dimensional, and multi-faceted rather than one dimensional. This means that over the 3 week training cycle the client will be increasing their repetition range each week whilst changing their intensity rate. There is an array of benefits to training this way such as accelerated fat loss, injury prevention, improved muscle tone and mind to muscle connection.

The Y3T system received such notoriety that the world’s number one online fitness and supplement store, Bodybuilding.com produced a dedicated Y3T video trainer series. Neil presented this and to date, it has received over 10 million views. Neil’s career began to transition organically from competitive athlete to coaching professional athletes such as 4 times Mr Olympia 212 Flex Lewis, IFBB Pro’s Steve Cook & William Bonac, Sergi Constance as well as many clients from around the globe. As well as coaching, Neil is the founder of Neil Hill Coaching Ltd, Y3T Productions Ltd, UK Gym Shop, and a published author of 2 successful books namely “The Y3T Guide to Training” and “Achieving Excellence through Diet”.

He is the official trainer to BSN, Gasp and Fit Fuel meals. A sponsored athlete to Sports Kitchen, Udo’s Choice, and Kezie. And also the official promoter for the UKBFF Paul Grant Welsh Championships & Flex Lewis Welsh Classic. In the media, he has been featured in, and written articles for, a variety of magazines in the UK and abroad such as Flex, Muscle & Fitness, and Muscular Development. He is also a regular expert columnist with Flex and Muscle & Fitness magazines and soon to be Muscle & Fitness Hers.

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