Getting your food right

The fitness industry sometimes focuses too much on numbers and not enough on the substance of those numbers.

For instance, people will have macro and calorie goals to aim for each day yet they sometimes fail to stop and think

about what foods they are using to hit those numbers and when they are consuming them. 


The reality is it is very important to focus on WHAT and WHERE those nutrients are coming from on a daily basis,

even at specific times of the day. Hitting the right nutrient intake is one thing but there is a lot more to good nutrition

than doing just that. 


Here are some key considerations for you regarding food intake. 


1 - Digestion 


The gut is the focal point with my nutritional strategies, specifically optimising it and ensuring it is performing as it

should. If your gut isn’t fully functional then you’re not going to get the most benefit from the foods you are investing in.

Even with full gut health intact, there are things you can and should do in order to help your digestive system on a

daily basis which ultimately leads to better results.


One of those things is picking your protein sources wisely around the workout window. 


For instance, your pre workout protein source needs to be different to your post workout protein source. Before you

train you need something which is very light on your gut, easily digestible which doesn't cause any gastric discomfort.

Something like salmon or cod is a perfect choice because the texture and consistency of the meat is very fine

therefore it’s easily broken down. Something like steak for example would be too heavy.


However, your post workout meal can be more dense provided you have refuelled the body with fast acting isolate

protein powder and a fast digesting carbohydrate in powder form immediately after your workout. As long as you’ve

done this you will have started the recovery process properly, helped reset your hormonal balance (insulin Vs. cortisol)

and offset the catabolic effects of the workout. With all of that said, something like a premium sirloin steak or ostrich

steak (I frigging love my Ostrich from Kezie!!) would be perfect. The great things about meat like this is that it keeps

you feeling full for the rest of the evening and it’ll continue to drip feed aminos into the body as its broken down. 


2 - Rotation


As well as timing of the correct nutrients you also want to focus on rotating your meat sources frequently. You should

NOT be eating chicken 4-6 times a day, or any other meat for that amount. You MUST rotate your meat sources

because otherwise you’ll almost certainly develop an intolerance or at a least a sensitivity to these foods. This will then

cause issues with your gut which is going to compromise your ability to assimilate and digest your nutrients which are

essential to recovery and growth. I’d always recommend at least 3-4 different protein sources throughout the day.

Unlike when I first started training where you we were really limited on meat sources, you are spoilt for choice with

Kezie’s. I’m a big fan of meats like Buffalo, Bison, Ostrich and even some of the more exotic meats. You have no

excuse not to mix it up now. And it all tastes great as well!


3 - Sustainability 


From a mental viewpoint nobody wants to be eating the same thing all day long, every day. My clients always

comment to me about how varied their diets are which I put a lot of time and effort into. Ultimately by having a wider

varied diet you are going to make it far more sustainable for yourself in the long run which in turn will lead to better

results. Eating a nutritious diet really isn’t that difficult anymore with all of these options available to you. 


Hopefully that has shed some light on why focusing on what foods you’re using to hit your numbers is just as