Grass fed beef is best!

When I create diet plans which contain beef I always recommend people consume free roaming grass fed beef rather than grain fed where possible.

There's multiple reasons for this which I'll explain shortly for you. Yes I understand that it's more expensive but there are reasons why it's a good investment into your progress and health.

Omega 3 content

The western diet is typically far too rich in omega 6 which if over consumed can lead to issues including the insulin resistance and inflammation. Both of these are key considerations where fat loss and positive body composition changes are concerned, so you should be mindful of this. The best way to manage omega 6 is to eat more omega 3 based fats, which is exactly what you'll get in grass fed beef.

Recent studies show you won't get that omega 3 content in grain fed beef. In fact, grain feed beef is not allowed to be listed as an omega 3 source as where grass fed beef is.

You'll also find in relation to omega 6 vs. omega 3, having too much omega 6 can have a negative effect on your cholesterol and overall cardiac health.


When you consume foods containing fat they have the potential to carry toxins into your body, as in a lot of animal protein toxins are stored in the fat cells of the meat.

Obviously toxins are a negative thing for your health and progress because your immune system has to work harder to cleanse the body. Bearing in mind when you train you naturally suppress your immune system, therefore you don't want anything else going into your body which is going to detract from your health.

Certain toxins can also have a negative effect on your endocrine system in some cases.

It's usually inferior meats where the animal has been reared in stressful environments with poor food sources which contain more toxins. With that said it’s always better to consume naturally reared meat, which is the case with grass fed beef.


This is more of a luxury, compared to the first two points but I always say if you enjoy the food you eat you're far more inclined to stick to your diet. Dry, tough meat is not very appetising which is what you often get with cheap meat.

Grass fed beef is so frigging tasty and tender!

Hopefully this article has helped open your eyes to the difference in quality amongst beef which can have a direct impact on your health and results.

Neil Hill