Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Will my products arrive frozen?

Yes, Your order is packed with dry ice which is proven to keep your products frozen solid for up to 48 hours.

Are any of your products gluten free?

Yes, we are a gluten free site, which means all our products are suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

What's the shelf life on my purchased items?

All our frozen products that we manufacture will have a 18 month shelf life.

Are your meat free products suitable for Vegans?

Yes, all our meat free range are suitable for both vegetarians & vegans.

Can I cook your products from frozen?

All our burgers & sausages can be cooked from frozen.

Are any of your meats Halal certified?

Only our ostrich & goat meat.

Can I collect my order?

If your local then yes, we love meeting our customers.

Can I leave product feedback?

We always strive to ensure our product are amazing, so yes please feel free to leave constructive feedback & reviews on our website.


How do I change an item I've bought online?

Give us call on 01361 884 006 and we will try our very best to accommodate your request.

How do I cancel an order I've made online?

Give us a call on 01361 884 006 and we will endeavour to cancel this for you, if your order hasn’t already been dispatched.

How to I change my delivery address?

Give us a call on 01361 884 006 as we may be able to change your delivery address within the first few hour of you placing, although we can’t guarantee this.


How are your products packaged?

All of our meat products are professionally skin-packed or vacuum packed then shock frozen to lock in nutrients, flavour & freshness.

Can I return my polystyrene coolbox?

Sadly no, but there great to up cycle (Planting seeds, kids sandpit, storage).

What is dry ice?

Sachets of Dry Ice (Solid Carbon Dioxide) is very cold at approximately -60°C. It is designed to turn from a solid into a gas whilst in transit to you and by doing this it will keep your products perfectly frozen. The bags should arrive empty, however sometimes it may be the case that a small amount of Dry Ice is still in its solid form when your order arrives. This is not abnormal and if this is the case please follow the 5 simple guidelines below for disposal.

DO NOT allow solid Dry Ice to come into contact with your skin
DO NOT put Dry Ice into drinks
ALWAYS keep Dry Ice away from children
ALWAYS store Dry Ice in a well ventilated area
DO NOT place Dry Ice in a working refrigerator or freezer once removed from box.


How to I leave delivery instructions and what if I need to change them?

This can be done at the checkout point i.e. “leave in the shed” But if this has already been dispatched, then this can be done via using the SMS message sent via DPD.

Will my order arrive frozen?

Your order will be dispatched on a next day delivery service at below -18°C and packed with dry ice which is proven to keep your products frozen solid for up to 48 hours.

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